Located in Decatur, Georgia...

Bhakti Refuge is exactly that...a refuge of sacred devotion to earth, the children of earth, and you.  

Created to be a space that honors the spirit of Gaia, and the divinity of all life, Bhakti Refuge is "holding space" for you.  
Meditation, yoga, urban camping, music celebration, dancing, bonfires, drum circles, and stillness and peace...all await you at Bhakti Refuge.
If you are interested in utilizing or visiting Bhakti Refuge, send us an email and let us know what you want and when, including directions and hours open. We will get back to you in a timely fashion.    
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A portion of all proceeds for events at Bhakti Refuge goes to The Fiona Project...a music and arts movement for the prevention and healing of child sexual abuse. You can learn more about The Fiona Project by visiting their website...


Upcoming Moments at

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- New Moon Celebrations

- Music As Medicine - 

   Concerts and Dance

- Gaia Connections

- Dirty Yoga

- Grazing in the Grass

- Soul Medicine

- Active Listening Healing


- Experiencing Magick