What is magick?
Basically...it is the art of consciously
participating in the co-creative forces of
the Universe, by directing the energies
of nature to cause desired changes
in one’s life. 
Have you ever listened to a tree?
Have you ever called on a creature
    of the forest?
Have you ever spoken to a fairie, or
wood nymph?
Sound crazy?  In our modern world, magick is viewed as something ridiculous at best, and evil at worst.
At Bhakti Refuge, we want to help you experience REAL magick...by intentionally opening yourself to and experiencing the reality of universal and Gaia energy.  
"Experiencing Magick" will provide opportunities to:
- deepen your experience of universal energy
- learn the language of trees, plants, and Gaia
- interact with other creatures in nature
- see through the veil of "consensual reality" to observe and interact with nature spirits
- practice using your energy - in alignment with universal energy - to influence the material world around you
Stay tuned to this page to learn about "Experiencing Magick" moments at The Refuge.    And register for our newsletter to keep informed about upcoming moments.

Experiencing Magick